What is mumbai Escorts?

Here we tell the whole story of Mumbai Escorts girls how the live what work they do for living. Why a girl or Model join Escorts in Mumbai.

Who joins Escorts in Mumbai?

As per our research we think those needy poor and struggling girls/ Model join Escorts in Mumbai services. Actually Mumbai is one of the most expensive city in India, you can’t maintain yourself in a regular job in Mumbai. That’s why these girls join Mumbai Escorts services. And in few cases they are the only bread earner of there family. They do not have any other option.

How to book there services

Mostly girls are working for agents you can easily get there number from google by searching Mumbai Escorts girls. Also few girls are working as an independent escort in Mumbai. They work independently. You can get there number from search engines.

Mumbai Escorts Girls

Why we call them Queens mumbai

What i think they are the only who take care of their family. They pays their fathers medicine bills, brother/sisters school fees, house rent, etc. And what i see no one give them respect they just use them. They too have feelings, thats why we call these Mumbai Escorts girls QueensMumbai.

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Few escorts girls from Mumbai

Sana Work for a company. She told us she join for her family.
She work Independently. Her story is also same as others.
She came Mumbai to become a model. But unfortunately she is here.