Escorts based movies

Top Movies Based On Escorts

Here are few escorts based movies. There story are totally on escorts workers. If you are interested in Escorts, call girls then you have to be watch these films.

Here we go

1). Movie Name – Nights of Cabiria
Directed by – Federico Fellini
In 1957 this movie made by Federico Fellini for this movie he get’s oscar. Its story of a escorts from Rome who are searching for true love.

2). Movie Name – Pyaasa
Directed by – Guru Dutt
Guru Dutt pyaasa is a story of jobless poet who want to live with Gulaboo. Gulaboo who is an escorts in Mumbai.

3). Movie Name – Midnight Cowboy
Directed by – John Schlesinger
An American movie which got 3 Oscar in 1969. This movie is about escorts. In this movie director shows man’s also involve in this erotic business.

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